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A Moment of Truth

A moment of truth:
I haven't been outside my door in over 5 months. Not because I'm agoraphobic just because I'm kind of a loner I love people, I love talking with people I'm an extrovert...
As far as the virus I don't have it and hopefully I won't get it I'm high risk. I'm over 60, I smoke, and I'm obese.

I'm personally going to quarantine myself from other people only letting a very small selection of people enter my home. It's nothing personal and I'm not looking at everyone as "you have cooties like many of us teased others with in school."

I know for so many the lifestyle adjustments needed to keep this virus under some form of control will be taxing.
I'm not a sports fan of any kind, I haven't ever went to major league ball games, races and other events nor do I watch them on TV.
Movies are my largest release, I use Netflix, Amazon prime and Tubitv a free video streaming company.

For over 20 years actually my greatest escape has been the internet and all it has to offer.
Along with my writing which is also a great release.
In the future to come if you do end up stuck in your home I suggest you spend more time bonding with your family and children.
Facebook Video chat or Skype can actually take the edge off some tense moments.

Especially if your having what they refer to as cabin fever we are social people but for those stuck at home it won't take long before you start feeling the effects in the changes in your life.

It's said change is the hardest things for us to deal with whereas change is also said to be the only constant

The seriousness of this virus shouldn't be taken Lightly and the health and well being of our citizens will pretty much depend
on the sacrifices we're willing to take.

But don't let fear override common sense and reason that's how panics begin.

"It's kind of like a blizzard it hits then the snow melts and then everything slowly evolves into a beautiful spring."

God Bless not only America but the world!

03/13/2020 Stanley Victor Paskavich/on Facebook

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