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Life After Life and Energy

As it's said "God is closer than the air your breathe" which means he dwells within and it's all basically one self encompassing energy. Personally I believe more into an infinite source of energy that were all part of. Call it God, or any name you wish. But if all energy was created at the same time as they say the energy that animates our bodies is timeless and ageless. But consciousness of our minds deals more with personal experience. As they say "were all spiritual beings having a human experience." As far as my thoughts about our 'life' or consciousness in this realm it is a singular experience and will never be totally repeated exactly the same. What would be the sense in living the same life over and over for eternity?

Also I've heard the comment many times from atheists "Wait till you die and find out there's nothing there."

Well if in fact there isn't any form of after life how would find out it didn't exist?

Yet also in my thoughts that if in fact you incarnate into a new life experience. More than likely most if not all memories of this life or game or experience will be forgotten. Except maybe trace elements of what they call Dejavu possibly.

Also if in fact all energy was created at the same time as we say then our souls per-say would all be the same age and if there are any such things as old souls as many believe. Possibly they are beings that have incarnated many times before and have already played the game of life.

In the scheme of going to a supposed after life as they say "The simplest answer is generally the right answer" if that is true. Then the simplest equation to a possible after life is "you get what you believe."

Eisenstein was quoted as saying "if you use a 100% of your brain you could become pure energy." But he really didn't expound on it. If he was referring to the 100% being total knowledge, then you wouldn't need this body for experience.

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