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Energy and Life

I know the sientists are looking for the "Grand Unified Theory"

So is it going to be a math equation or something else?

Could everything be connected by energy?

What type of energy is it?

Is it atoms, molecules, or the electromagnetic fields?

Or even photons?

Lets think about us and our electromagnetic fields.

Each of us have our own electromagnetic fields and supposedly give off photons as I've heard.

Iron is a big player in magenetics, the Earths core is Iron surging and swirling around creating gravity and holding the planet together and us on it.

Is our Hearts similar to the core of the Earth does it pump Iron rich blood through our system and create part of our electromagnetic fields?

What if our blood is spilt in a injury or something, does it connect to molecules that bump other molecules and it surges through our enviorment in a infinitivly small ammount. Hmmm an infinitively small ammount of blood on a molecule which holds traces of iron that were once part of your body and possibly your electromagnetic field. Doesn't sound like much does it? Infinitively small, but if you take that infinitively small ammount times the number of molecules a posssible electromagnetic field influenced by human blood starts to seem like a possibility. Through out history in so many texts religion and non there are so many reference to human blood and it having power.

How about this, from the moment your born your skin starts growing and dying and flaking of after several days. As you are moved from the place of birth to each and every place you've ever been since birth, tiny fragments of cells have been left every where you've been. Along with every other human being. These indivual cells I agree have been moved around with wind rain and such, but the ones that stayed in place have left a 'time track' per say. A genetic infinitively small trail of pieces of your bodies cells, from skin, sweat, breath,blood and so on. We always try to find the small things and make them large to observe and study them. As we have with DNA which they say is the smallest building block of the human body I believe. If we constructed a device that could find and map singular cells locations, then every place you've ever been could be found. Kind of a super high tech sci fi idea right?

Well maybe not, I've thought this for years. I believe that there are infinite alternate realities and infinite dimensions. Possibly we are living right now in infinite alternate realities. If there correct about what they say about atoms being 99% empty space, could there be 99 parts of one atom existing in different realities or dimensions of this reality persay? The say that electrons pop in and out of this reality and they don't know where they go, is that one percent of an atom a constant of does it's energy pop in and out of other places also? Basically asking the one percent of an atom in your body right now is it with you for life or does it change out. I've heard it mentioned that 98% of our atoms change out each year. Leaving 2% that's the same is that 2% our consciousness? Is that 2% our soul?

In closing all I have is questions for us to ponder but hopefully in the future some of my questions might lead to some new discoveries.

Stanley Victor Paskavich




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