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Coronavirus Poem Written Tonight

Some are taking this illness in stride
others are seeking a place they can hide.
The World Health Organization is doing the best that they can.
With this illness that is transmitted so easily from land to land.
There's simple solutions that can help you evade contracting this virus
Until the world comes up with a sound antivirus.
Washing your hands often seems to be  simple but sound advice
And coughing in your elbow is proper and nice.
And wearing a mask if your sick is also a needed thing to do.
So the virus isn't spread to those around you.
They say if you're sick you should stay at home.
To prevent the virus from continuing to roam.
Our government is trying their best to contain this as it grows day by day.
But fear is the greatest problem to the American way.
Out of fear stores are running out of different supplies
Such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer with their prices on rise.
I'm truly sorry for those that have lost their lives and those who will.
But as a Nation we need to bond together we've got a Virus to Kill!
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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