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Nature's Love

Even in the fiercest battles,

the butterflies and bees still kiss the flowers.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

The Shift

The Shift    
Man can soar like eagles
and drop bombs of fire.
He can fight for religious freedoms
or just for desire.
The world’s economy is falling,

The 10th of September


Tomorrow is the day that the man made mountains shook.

Tomorrow is the day that so many souls were took.

I will always remember seeing a plane that hit a tower.

Vision's Kiss


I’m an American and as our flag dances in the breeze,

I can see the white gowns of the Angels,

the blue rivers that flow freely in this great land,


The mind's the temple the body's its creation.
Without its electric impulses we would have never tasted sensation.
From the first spark which started at conception

The Bible Sez

The Bible Sez

Get all the Bibles and put them in a pile.

They won’t say a word. They won’t crack a smile.

I am so tired of hearing, “this is what the Bible said,


I want to be a foot soldier in the war of life,
my weapons will be Peace and Love not a gun or knife.
I won't have a uniform or any insignia to see.

Live Free

Live Free
Are humans born with a missbegotten seed?
The one that we all call greed.
Causing harm to the environment and violence, hunger or disease.


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