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A Fresh Breath

I can write long poems

that may bore you to death.

Or, I can write short poems,

that might take your breath.

But, the most important poem

any poet will do,


A friend asked me if I have a favorite poem.

I replied, “Yes I do, it’s always the next one I will write.”

He laughed a bit and then he left.


The masters have spoken.

The experts have died.

They wrote about things

they had tucked up inside.

They shared gifts and knowledge

with all of mankind.

A Poet's Life

Did you ever have a poem at the tip of your pen

with a perfect beginning, yet you’re stuck for the end?

Did you ever write a poem with subconscious thought,

Too Much Ink


I don’t write empty words to cover pages of white.

I write my verses to send my own insight.

Yet it’s not my words you should listen to,


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