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Quote 0512

If you could observe every thought in your brain the magnitude of it's vastness would drive you insane.

Short Circuits

     Did you ever have one of those days?
Where your mind had too much to say.
Where your thoughts kept getting fatter and fatter.
Until they all became a form of chatter.

Peaceful Revelation

   Death of this life isn't the end
Breaths of new realities dwell within
Sleeping messages will be known in time
Keeping the wishes of your infinite mind

Little Blessings

       Did you ever have one of those days,
when you wanted to rest and your kids ran astray.
It's funny they say you spend two years teaching them to walk and talk,


  There is no key to unlock your mind,
it has to be picked with the things you find.
Yet, how do you find the things you need,

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