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mental illiness

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There is a dead space between most people and those afflicted with Mental Illness and it's called Understanding...


Smothered Flame

    All I see now is embers of a flame I once knew,
and tortured memories of the things we did do.
You were my beacon in darkness, my guiding light,


    There's a block inside of me,
that will not let me be free.
I say things over and over again,
as my words melt in the wind.

Prayers for the Lost

   Don't talk to me, just pass me by,
I used to have friends, now I don't try.
That way you won't have to judge me when I reveal myself,

Is the Solution an Institution?

   Lock me away. Lock me away and swallow the key,
then pump tons of pills and poke needles in me.
Watch my each and every move,
try to tell me my thoughts aren't so smooth.

The End of The Journey

Looking forward into the past,
I see events that will always last.
Sleepless thoughts held in day dreams,
slumbering visions with hellish screams.

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