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I have no drivers license. I have no wife.

I do have pen and paper and a Poet’s life.

If I wish to travel I open my mind.

If I seek love, in my verses I find.


   I'm alive now and the old poets are dead,
their words are in books that I haven't read.
The things that they said are considered the best,


    There's a block inside of me,
that will not let me be free.
I say things over and over again,
as my words melt in the wind.

Open Invitation

   Welcome to my madness
welcome to my screams
welcome to my sadness
and my misbegotten dreams.
Welcome to my loneliness
as my tears fall like a stream

Is the Solution an Institution?

   Lock me away. Lock me away and swallow the key,
then pump tons of pills and poke needles in me.
Watch my each and every move,
try to tell me my thoughts aren't so smooth.

The Cure

Whenever Life's game becomes too tall,
And your heart and mind feel so small,
Then you start to crumble within,
Feeling as if you can never win.

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