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I'm half way to Heaven and Half way to Hell as long as I breath in this mortal shell.

MY Destiny

My Destiny
I respect you. I respect your belief.
I respect your commitment your pain or your grief.
Not any of us can walk the exact same path

God's Harvest

I looked out my window and saw the moon floating in space.

You know, it’s not like some people. It only has one face.

It will shine it’s light on you to guide you in the night.


Some poems are written great,
and some are written well.
But, then there's those ones
that could win a prize in Hell.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

Hell's Playground

The darkness, the darkness it takes me away,
it dances in my dreams where my demons stay.
I get no peace as I lay in the night,
I toss and turn fight after fight.

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