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I'm Sorry

 For all the Mother's Days I forgot,
for all your birthdays where I was not.
For all the calls I didn't make,
for all the visits I didn't take.

In Remembrance of Mike

  In a small Illinois town they call Newman,
A person took over a grocery store that had a new plan.
His Name was Mike, he was quite a friendly guy,


        Are our steps numbered from beginning to end?
Or do our lives roam as free as the wind?
We were all born and we will all die,
Is there a reason for us to ask why?

Evolution of Belief

 Does everyone have the same taste of death
When their lungs collapse from their final breath?
Do they all have a similar Heaven to find


Oh forgotten youth
how painful thou art
I have tortured memories
of past energies exploding
from my fiber becoming one with all.


I have absolutely no fear of death.
I meet every new day with a fresh breath.
I've had several near death experiences and never saw a tunnel of light.


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