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    I'm just a puppet with no strings of my own,
trapped in this world feeling often alone.
Each step I take seems like I've taken it before,

Too Late

    Now? It can't be time, I'm not ready to go!
Please just a few more sunsets or sips of wine.
I know I've had my whole life to prepare,
but why does it have to be now?

Tommy's Eulogy

    Every day you opened your eyes and saw a beautiful world,
But that you've closed them for the final time,
will any one notice that you have gone?


   Validate your own belief,
Validate yourself,
It doesn't take divinity,
It doesn't take wealth,
It doesn't take a preacher man,
Or not a Bible's verse,

Sending Them Home

 Body bags, Toe tags, assorted pieces galore.
Once they were a soldier, now their my mind's horror.
I am only treated, I never will be well.


 We're all prisoners of imaginary lines,
trapped within boundaries that torments our minds.
Foreigners and insurgents are simply a crock.


    Another wonderful day in the world of dreams,
    the world of screams,
    the world of blood that flows in streams.
 Is it just me
    that can see


    I choose not a pulpit and I choose not a pew,
I choose not to worship like the social clubs do.
I walk my own walk and choose my own path,


    Oh ye of little faith
buried beneath thine
search for answers
 once possessed
 now ye stand
bent, broken and marred
 pages once turned

Invisible Bouquet

  I went to the greenhouse and saw Geraniums in bloom,
it was a sign that the warm summer was coming soon.
They had lots of other flowers there for sale,


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