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Is there a dark side and a light side or personal choices of fate?

Is there a path after your life ends or just a headstone with a date?

Eternal Choices

Rub a dub dub,

my blood’s in the tub.

There won’t be any pain

when it goes down the drain.

The water is hot, but I have the chills.


They kill the flowers to give to the dead.

As they lay in the casket nice words are said.

All of these feelings they had tucked within,


The mind’s the temple the body’s its creation.

Without its electric impulses we would have never tasted sensation.

From the first spark which started at conception

Misplaced Journey

Many die with dreams of a vacation as a future quest,

with outrageous fortunes locked in a vault or a chest.

They always say, “One day I’ll go here or I’ll go there.”

My Dad's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

My Dad's Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Mom took me to the V.A. Hospital in St.Louis
to my father's hospital bed.
She wanted me to see him before he was dead.


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