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Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity
Whether you're in midst of the masses or sitting by a stream alone.
Never forget God will always be your Chaperone.


If you knew this was your last day on Earth,
how many of your valuables would have any worth?
How would you spend your final day?

Taxes of Tithing


Is there something more of me

that humanity needs to see?

Is there something tucked deep inside

that for my own protection I do hide?

The Misguided

    Whether you believe in God under a Mosque or a Steeple,
There are no right or wrong religions, only right or wrong people.
So many sheep are so quickly to say,


 Whenever a person's mind starts to roam,
they say the "Lights are on but nobody's home".
But maybe they just need to take a break,
from life and reality for goodness sake!

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