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PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I'm not in charge of my own emotions,

my mind's consumed by terrible notions.

Love and laughter, hurt and pain, each of these drives me insane.

I've talked to doctor after doctor Taken Pill after pill,

yet none of this makes my mind tranquil.

Each and every breath I take, I pray for this curse to break.

My torment came from my own volition,

leaving me in this terrible condition.

I could have simply said I won't go.

I could have told the recruiter Hell NO!

But I swore an oath and took the test,

and won the uniform of the best.

I worked so hard to serve my country,

and all I'm left with is agony.

Some escape war without a scratch or scar,

but as for me my mind was stretched too far.

Now I'm labeled as one of them,

a causality of war that's trapped within.

Friends are now so hard to find,

as people believe I've lost my mind.

There are many sights, smells, or sounds I hear,

that trigger things that cause me fear.

My dreams are filled with where I've been,

from the nightmare world I once lived in. Stanley Victor Paskavich

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