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Poetry by Stanley Victor Paskavich

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Tommy's Eulogy

    Every day you opened your eyes and saw a beautiful world,
But that you've closed them for the final time,
will any one notice that you have gone?
Stanley Victor Paskavich/...

Total views: 1,166

Too Late

    Now? It can't be time, I'm not ready to go!
Please just a few more sunsets or sips of wine.
I know I've had my whole life to prepare,
but why does it have to be now?

Total views: 1,193

Too Much Ink


I don’t write empty words to cover pages of white.

I write my verses to send my own insight.

Yet it’s not my words you should listen to,

it’s your internal message...

Total views: 861

Tooth Fairy

    Quit moving my pillow there's no tooth under there,
go fly with the other fairies free in the air.
Visit the places only found in one's mind.
For you my fairy friend, there...

Total views: 1,738


    There I was, standing perfectly still,
not in a valley, neither a hill,
not in an ocean or near a stream,
yet my stillness felt so serene.
There was no earth, there was...

Total views: 1,697


How often have you wished you could get free,
From your Depression and Anxiety?
With your mind swinging to and fro
wondering when the next time its evil face...

Total views: 813


My internal pain causes my tears to fall like rain from what once a fulfilling life.
Now whats left for me is pain and agony and a world that's full of strife.
The pain I have within...

Total views: 771


    I'm just a puppet with no strings of my own,
trapped in this world feeling often alone.
Each step I take seems like I've taken it before,
I have question after question...

Total views: 1,560


It can trigger your adrenaline
and make you feel like you'll explode from within.
It will leave a bookmark in your mind
that certain triggers allow you to find....

Total views: 38

Two Spiritual Masters


I realize what you teach,

and what you believe.

Yet possibly we are both Masters.

I find energy in my own beliefs

as you find energy in yours.

I care...

Total views: 818


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