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War and Peace

    Today I'm just a strong young man,
trying to live life the best I can.
Tomorrow I could be in the desert sand,
with an combat weapon in my hand fighting in a foreign land.
War and Peace War and Peace,
Steel and lead's not the only release.
Will humanity ever see the thing they all call victory,
is the virus that depletes you and me.
Having battle after battle setting no one free,
is there a better path to see?
Or are we cursed from our own seed,
consumed by wealth and lead by greed.
There's got to be a simpler plan,
where we can all walk hand in hand.
Then end the thirst for man's bloodshed,
before we're left with everyone dead.
War and Peace War and Peace,
Steel and lead's not the only release.
Oh Father up so high above,
look down on us and share your Love.
Open mankind's eyes and open their mind,
leaving relics of War only in museums to find.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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