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How often have you wished you could get free,

From your Depression and the Anxiety?

With your mind swinging to and fro

wondering when the next time its evil face will show.

Is it an biological occurrence or is it from pain,

from past events which torment your brain?

We take med after med at times to be free,

generally without any relief to see.

Some make us feel better others feel worse.

Is there truly a pill that will remove this curse?

Therapy, yeah, we’ve all been down that road

as the doctor sat with blank eyes at the stories we told.

Oh, and that question, “How does this make you feel,”

generally sets our mind ablaze and makes our emotions reel.

Or, “Just forgive them and the pain will go away.”

Do these Bastards truly believe what they say?

Meditation, prayers, therapy and such,

generally never amount to much.

Anger and trauma are mostly the root of  pain,

which sometimes lead us to the brink of insane.

It's okay to feel angry, it's okay to feel sad,

it's okay to shed tears from the past events  we've had.

Generally it arises from having too much on your plate,

from events in our past to the current date.

A lot of times our self-worth has been attacked or stripped away.

If you learn to reclaim it you'll keep the Demons at bay!

So be kind to yourself grow from within.

Create a new life and let the journey begin...
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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