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Is the Solution an Institution?

   Lock me away. Lock me away and swallow the key,
then pump tons of pills and poke needles in me.
Watch my each and every move,
try to tell me my thoughts aren't so smooth.
Strap me in a bed or sit me facing the wall,
because you think suicide is my chosen call.
Actually do you really know the real me,
then how can you say I have insanity.
Normal's a cycle on a washing machine,
so what if I laugh? so what if I scream?
So what if my mind isn't serene?
Haven't you ever have a bad day?
Haven't you had your dreams taken away?
Yes these things can cause your mind to split.
Yes they can make us imperfectly fit.
Unfit because were filled with rage,
unfit and forced to live in a cage.
Well I guess unfit is just an observation,
why can't you look at my situation?
You just give me pills and poke needles in me,
when love and compassion can set me free.

Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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