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Sheltered and Free

    As I sit here in my broken computer chair,
typing this in looking at the white glare.
Word pad is where I do all my writing,
my computer knowledge isn't very exciting.
Actually my life in general is kind of bland,
because I live in Stantasyland.
I don't watch the news, sports or weather on TV,
and who's running for president doesn't concern me.
The material world so many clutch so dear,
I've let slip away and I no longer have fear.
Fear of how to protect my belongings from a thief,
fear that I might not have the right belief.
Yes my life is simple since I'm detached from most things,
it gives me more time to see what the next day brings.
But, am I doing anything at all here, my friend?
Will my thoughts and words just melt into the wind?
The few things I have I really don't possess,
They'll still be around when I take my next test.
My score that I get in the next test I take,
could be an open book, one without a mistake.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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