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Serenity of Dreams

Where will I go after I die
and I'm put in my casket to lie?
This question runs through many a mind,
with no absolute answers to find.
Here's a suggestion for after this life
that may bring you peace without any strife.
Think of a nice place you want to go to
not from a book one created by you.
If this Heaven of your design
is there after life for you to find.
You'll have everything you want and more
with all the things that you adore.
If there's nothing after this life you won't know
but your dreams gave you a place to go.
A place to go when you were feeling down,
a place to go when no friends could be found.
It would be better to believe and find nothings there.
Then not believe and end up no where.
So use your mind create your dream,
if it comes from you it will be serene...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland.com

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