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    There's a block inside of me,
that will not let me be free.
I say things over and over again,
as my words melt in the wind.
I talk about things I dislike and people I hate,
and other things that make me feel irate.
Where did I learn this madness,
that confuses my mind and brings me sadness.
Was it from my parents or my childhood friends?
Or is it an intrinsic force that comes from within.
Was it lack of love? or lack of compassion?
That makes me live in this terrible fashion.
Oh the pain it causes me,
is there a way to just be free?
I've tried to drown it with alcohol,
but all that did was cause me to fall.
I've seen doctor after doctor, taken pill after pill,
yet none of this makes my mind tranquil.
Yes I have too much on my plate,
in this terrible world I've learned to hate.
I guess the only way I can become free,
is to find the love inside of me.
That one feeling I've pushed so far away,
in this dismal world in which I stay.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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