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Peace,Wisdom,Strength and Ressurection

I was in the Upper Peninsula Michigan deer hunting

walking in about three foot of snow.

It was a moderate cold day.

I walked up a little hill.

On the rise of the hill stood a tall white pine tree.

Something said to me, “Look up,” and I did and

there was a large white Snow Owl who was looking at me.

It was beautiful then something caught my eye to the left.

I turned and looked across the road.

There I saw two large Bald Eagles.

They were feeding on top of a fallen doe Deer looking at me.

Later in years I reviewed this Majestic scene.

In my mind I gathered it had a symbolic meaning.

The white Snow Owl symbolized the peace gained from


Crossing the road symbolized the future path.

The Eagles atop the Deer symbolized the strength of


One thing for certain,

nature held before my eyes

something that was in a perfect form

that was meant for me I believe.

(This is a true story)
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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