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    I choose not a pulpit and I choose not a pew,
I choose not to worship like the social clubs do.
I walk my own walk and choose my own path,
and don't read a script leading to devastation and wrath.
If I am wrong about how I lead the life that I'm in,
it would be between me and the Creator, if it's truly a sin.
For now I'll enjoy everything that I can
as long as it doesn't hurt my fellow man.
If you believe I'm not on the right path and going astray,
couldn't it be God that wanted me this way?
"Free will", "free will" everyone preach,
inside the chapel that's not what they teach.
This "God's house" thing really teases my mind,
if he's closer than air why's he so hard to find?
Most churches are heated and cooled three hundred and sixty five days a year,
as homeless lay under boxes and bushes cold and starving quite near.
I will admit there's a few people that try to do what a God would ask,
But choose loving your fellow man over religion, and peace won't be a task.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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