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Our First and Last Kiss

I remember those times of our youth and our bliss,

and how your eyes gleamed with that first kiss.

The paths we walked were one pleasure to another.

I’m so glad you stayed with me and became a mother.

Now our kids have moved away and found Love of their own.

They have their kids and wives and a warm, peaceful home.

The values we bestowed on them will help them through this land.

Yet, when you and I have to part they might not understand.

When our last day comes and we must go our separate way,

if you leave this world before me, I’ll kiss you like on our first day.

This will be the last kiss for you as you join infinity.

I know you and God will wait for me to join serenity.

I know when I do join you in the Heavens above,

we will both smile hand in hand in God's eternal love.

Once again we’ll kiss with Heavenly delight,

and hold each other close with our souls glowing bright.

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