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Lip Syncing

From the Creator’s hands came everything.

All the wonders in life he did bring.

But, there’s a question I want to ask of you:

If it was God’s birthday, what would you do?

How would you surprise this all-knowing being?

There isn’t any wrappings which he hasn’t seen.

Would it be tables, chairs, or cups and spoons,

that could rival his Sun, Earth, Stars, and Moon.

God creates and mankind can only rearrange.

Can you find him something new, rewarding, or strange?

What special gift could you give to the great one above?

Maybe an olive branch being held by a dove.

There are no words of praise from the minds of men

that God didn’t already know before their lives began.

The best gift that man could give would be

for people themselves to truly see,

to stop “talking for God” and for his plan

and share love and spirituality with their fellow man.

(Far too often “people talk for God” and not about him!)

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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