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Internal Prism

    Dark is dark and light is light,
each of these allow us sight.
From the dark we feel a chill,
and it seems to break our will.
From the light so sweet and warm,
we hardly ever feel any harm.
So from the blackest black to the lightest white,
there's a neutral color that holds insight.
This color we use each and every day,
it's the pliable color we call gray.
Twixt a mix of dark and light,
the gray expounds without a fight.
It allows rules to bend,
it allows hearts to mend.
For in the case of wrong and right,
usually caused by our lack of sight.
What's bad today can be good tomorrow,
what's happy today can lead to sorrow.
Depending on each person black, white, and gray,
can all be perceived a different way.
So I guess the best way to look at it all,
is to let your perceptions be your own call.
For no two peoples eyes see the same,
and no two peoples thoughts play the same game.
Perceptions normally spawn from deep within,
from the heredity and environment you grew up in.

Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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