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Hell's Playground

The darkness, the darkness it takes me away,
it dances in my dreams where my demons stay.
I get no peace as I lay in the night,
I toss and turn fight after fight.
My eyes are clenched shut only to contain,
all of the horror trapped deep in my brain.
I'm afraid to open my eyes before the dawn,
I can't release what my dreams often spawn.
If you die in your dreams they say you won't wake,
it's too much horror for your heart to take.
Time after time they've had me near life's end,
the the sun comes up and a new day begins.
During the day I dread the night,
from fear of the battles I'll have to fight.
Oh God, Oh God, take them away,
Send them to hell where they should stay.
Free me from this pain trapped in my mind,
free me from these battles at night I that find.
Free me from this intrinsic horror,
Please God I can't take anymore.
Every new morn I dread the night,
for fear of the new battles I'll have to fight.
How much longer will I have to face the wrath of these dreams?
Paralyzed with horror and each cheek filled with streams.

Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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