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Hell's Euphoria

Insanity lives just one door away

from the drug induced reality in which I stay.

The psychiatrists amuse me with their alchemy.

Do their medications really help keep me free?

Do any of the doctors have real a clue

for this dual life and actions I do?

Lithium, thorazine, prozac, and more,

I’ve taken them all but what the Hell for?

Six years I had no analytical thought.

I sat lifeless and limp and very distraught.

I’ve been locked away six or seven times

from insanity running free in both minds.

I’ve had delusions, and heavy constraints,

I have been Jesus and chatted with Saints.

I’ve talked in parables and spoken to God.

The attendants say, “Yes Stan,” then laugh and nod.

It’s happened so long now I can poke fun

at the torment in my mind that often does come.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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