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Harmony or Harm Many

God doesn't exist, God doesn't exist.
That's on the top of the Atheists' list.
Is it just me that finds it funny.
Someone would expend so much energy,
trying to prove to others God cannot be.
In my life I find imagination's the key,
it unlocks locked doors in reality.
Allowing anything to be possible is a huge leap.
If you have a closed mind for the thoughts you keep.
I've been in chat rooms where the Atheists and Christians spar,
and I have to admit at times each side goes too far.
Saying things over and over does not make them true,
and all the copying and pasting doesn't show the real you.
Even in the cyber realm we can't get along well,
we should be more careful with the stories we tell.
I remember a quote by Ben Franklin that's sweet,
"Don't discuss your religion or politics with the people you meet".
There's plenty of things we can talk about,
that doesn't make us yell or make us shout.
I'm ending this poem with only thing to say:
Believe in each other and have a great day!

Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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