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All the missiles are armed and the triggers are ready.

Pray they’re in the hands of minds that are steady.

It would be a shame for humanity to see

all the starbursts in the air wandering free.

Nukes aren’t prejudiced, they kill on demand.

With all of technology is this the best plan?

They say that the roaches will outlive devastation.

Are these the meek which to leave all the nations.

I say man should fight a war of wit

with the glorious outcome of a world that’s fit.

A planet that’s right for nature and man,

this should be all nations’ strongest war plan.

It’s better to be second in a war never fought,

than have a war of annihilation and leave a planet distraught.

The next time you kill a roach with your hand,

remember one day they could be king of all lands.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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