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 Let's talk about Spirituality,
something that you can find so easily.
You don't need a book for the answers to find,
for Spirituality runs free in all of our minds.
It's all about belief and imagination,
that sets us free with its loving sensation.
Spiritual people will talk "with" you and discuss things about God.
Religious people talk "at" you about him and expect you to nod.
There's no programming with spirituality,
it's a warm somber feeling that sets us all free.
Most spiritual people believe everything is connected,
and they don't have to decide what should be rejected.
There's so many religions now in the world to find,
is there a right one to take into your mind,
Or should your true path be one already made,
From the joy and happiness in the games that you've played?
The things that always set your heart free,
are the ones that display true Spirituality.

Stanley Victor Paskavich Stantasyland

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