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Cyber Bullying (Share if your care)

Cyber Bullying
The internet is such a beautiful thing,
when used correctly It can make one's heart sing.
It can let us interact with each other or play a few games.
But unfortunately it can also cause trauma and pain.
Words have power, energy and direction,
It's terrible when they're used for a negative connection.
Especially when it's to make fun of or bully another human being.
That causes them trauma and pain with no way of fleeing.
They become withdrawn more and more with every hurtful post.
But actually they're the ones who need love the most.
Because if anyone takes the time to single them out.
It's mainly because they themselves are shrouded with doubt.
So if you ever get one of those cyber bullying messages that stick in your throat.
Take a deep breath and smile then respond "I'm so glad you wrote!"
Stanley Victor Paskavich - Stantasyland

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