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I've never been slugged by a liquor bottle.

Yet I've slugged a many on my own.

The booze took me to the place you live full throttle.

Then loose your wife, kids and home.

Out all night running wild

drinking anything in sight

while my wife sat home with a child

I often got in a bar fight

I know why she left but that doesn't make it any easier on me

Now I live alone stuck with this bottle

and without very many ways to end this curse or be free.

I might not be a good role model

But my child means everything to me

also because of an order of protection

my child I can no longer see.

Until my end I guess I'll have to live with rejection.

Unless I can break my addiction to drugs and alcohol.

If I get clean and walk that narrow path like so many before

Then my wife and kid might come back when I no longer fall

and with a big smile and a loving heart

I'll walk them through my front door

and then a new life with them will start.

With my Lovely ones I adore.

(Another poem written by perspective)

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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