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News for today December 18th 2013

Well back at the PC again. I'm trying to put the bulk of my poems on here. Please feel free to share my works. Tomorrow I turn 55 and being 6'4' and 444lbs I guess it's time to get my things done on here along with some exercise and a proper diet.

But being Bipolar and on a ton of meds to maintain a balanced reality  fid that my poetry is my release. Hope you enjoy my creations.

Oh yeah you have the option to move poems up and down the list with an indivual ote on the like or dislike button. Please use them it lets me see what you actually like...


The Secret of I AM

When a person introduces them self with the words "I AM" many of us don't realize what exactly those two words mean. "I" Stands for the one and "AM" stands for existence. Never before has there been anyone exactly like you and there will never be anyone exactly like you in the future. You are a uniqueness a singularity in the Universe. Hopefully one day mankind will accept the uniqueness of self and quit believing that we're all the same and somewhat expendable.


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